What is VPN ?


Hello friends !!! What is a VPN that I will discuss today? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and VPN is a means by which the security and privacy of private and public networks are replaced. With this Service we can keep our original IP address ADDRESS confidential. And anyone using this VPN service can use an IP address in any city.

For example, I can show the existence of living in Delhi, Dhaka or any city in the world through a VPN based in Kolkata.

Why should a VPN be used?

1. Keeping Your Private IP Address ADDRESS Confidential: Using the VPN service, we can keep our IP address ADDRESS and our identity confidential and online.

2. Changing Your IP ADDRESS: With this VPN service we can change our IP ADDRESS as we wish.

3. Closed and Restricted Website Usage: Pairing VPN services to use government-blocked websites.

4. Changing your online location: Changing your location online is only possible with a VPN.

5. To protect information sharing: When we exchange information using public WiFi, our information is not secure, and VPNs must be used to protect this information sharing medium.

VPN Type:

Over time, new types of VPNs are being invented, and some of them are special VPNs



3. Open VPN

Which Free VPN or Paid VPN Should I Use?

Free things we all like but there are some things that are not always good. Below I am outlining some of the good and bad aspects of free and paid VPN.

1. Types of VPNs: – Most free VPNs use PPTP VPN services and are not secure. Paid VPN provider company PPTP, L2TP / IPSEC, OPEN VPN, SSTP, and SSH are not supported so it is very secure.

2. VPN Speed: – Free VPN provider companies cannot provide VPN speed exactly. Because they can’t make any money through this service, they can’t afford the bandwidth and server costs. Paid VPN providers, on the other hand, invest some of their profits on bandwidth and servers, so paid VPN speeds are very good.

3. Support: Free VPN provider companies never expect support. But if the company uses a paid VPN, the company provides support.

4. VPN server and its location: – Free VPN can not be used in many other countries/cities and its IP address. But using a paid VPN, many country/city servers and their IP addresses can be useful.

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