What is Google Pay and How Does It Work in India ?

What is Google Pay and How Does It Work in India
What is Google Pay and How Does It Work in India

What is Google Pay and How Does It Work in India?

There is a Famous dialogue in Bollywood movie Deewar where Amitabh Bachchan tells Shashi Kapoor “I have money, house, car, job, bank balance, what do you have?” And in reply, Shashi Kapoor said: “I have a mother!”. And this is just what happened in the technology world, and that’s the topic of today – what is Google Pay and how does it work in India ?.

Previously the mobile Pay App for iPhone users was Apple Pay brought to Google Android users now Google Pay or GPay, formerly Android Pay and this Payment App was only available in 2015 in few countries like the USA and UK. This time it has been made available for India.
The phenomenon was triggered in September of 2015 when Google launched the first Android Pay in the USA and just a few months later, in May 2016, the mobile app was launched in the UK. In the beginning, these Payment Apps could only pay for some retail stores. Then modify it further, adding some important features like sending money, receiving money. Then in February 2018, Android Pay was renamed to Google Pay or Gpay.
Those who are already using Android Pay will automatically convert to Google Pay in the next update, and then they will be able to use all features of Google Pay. Some of the important aspects of this are that it will make your payment very easy by saving your Credit Card and Debit Card – and with this new app, we will be able to receive and receive payments very easily. In addition, this app uses some Easy and Secure technology to make any of our online purchases, so that we can process all your online payments.
After you make a payment through Google Pay, you can check your Payment History to see where you have made your purchase through this App and not check your bank statement.

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If we use any other Mobile Payment Apps other than Google Pay to make a payment, that merchant or shopper will receive information about the last four digits of our card and there is no reason to fear it; Because nobody can do us any wrong with the last four card numbers, but if we use Google Pay, Google Pay will generate a Unique Secure Code and share it with Merchant so we can have Totally Secure Payments – In this direction and this Same method is also used in Samsung Pay.

How Google Pay works ?

The technology that Google Pay uses for payment is the NFC (Near Field Communication) System. And with this NFC system, when we go to a store and make payment after purchase, this system will create a High Frequency Wireless Network between Smart Phone and Swipe Machine and then we can make that payment. Very easily.

Conclusion !!!

Finally, it is said that in the Indian market, Paytm, Phonepe, Mobikwik is going to collide with payment apps like Google Pay with Google Security. It is hoped that this Payment System will make our payment exchange more secure and easier.
All of the BEST is getting Google Pay on our behalf.
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