Top 10 Promotion Tips To Do After Publishing Your Post

Top 10 Promotion Tips To Do After Publishing Your Post
Top 10 Promotion Tips To Do After Publishing Your Post

Any blog post doesn’t receive so many tweets and links for no reason. There the Top 10 Promotion Tips To Do After Publishing Your Post that I also follow after posting my every post and that I am going to share those here.

1. Schedule Your Post-In-spite of Publishing

It is better to schedule the post more willingly than publishing them because it provides you one more chance to examine the post quality.

There are a number of benefits of scheduling your posts. These are:

  • Every post gets a proper time of remaining the point of attraction for readers.
  • It gets a proper time of being shared over the internet.
  • It gets enough tweets, likes, and comments.

2. Read it Again

Right away after publishing your post, go through it once more. Because it is the time to look again for any grammar mistakes and to improve the overall equality of the post.

If you do not have time or do not like to spend a few minutes for your freshly published post then you may possibly lose your all writing and promotion efforts if any mistake remains unchanged.

It is just like to get repaired to your old car. After getting it in working condition, it is nice to have an overall look over repaired parts.

3. Tweet it Out

Is it so simple?

It is not good to use any auto tweeting add-on and let the world to give tweets or likes naturally. You can say “I just finished the publication and be the first reader of this valuable information”.

4. Encourage Facebook Users to Share Your Post

Now Facebook has become a very much strategical tool.

While you put your blog’s post on your social media profile, realize that your friends are mainly your close friends. They almost certainly don’t mind for the post but they will show interest in reading the information you have written in. So at what time you post the comment to the post’s link, add some of your personal ideas.

Top 10 Promotion Tips To Do After Publishing Your Post

When you put the link of your post on the Facebook page, take care of the friends who have joined the page of your blog. So, add here some comments showing the benefit of spending a small number of minutes to go through your post.

It is a good routine to share your blog post on Facebook’s personal profile and page at one fell swoop as the friends on both pages would like to read it.

5. Ping Your Post Automatically

if you do not know about the pinging process, there are a few social sites that allow your online community about any new published or updated content on your blog. You need not post any link manually if you set up pinging.

There are many pinging services you can search for the list from Google.

6. Email Broadcast

Let say, you’ve made the email list of your organic subscribers, you can send an email to them about any new or updated blog post with a few lines of introduction about the post.

You can also get the paid email list related to your blog or product topic. I notice someone, making this process itself.

In email marketing, you can select the peak hours to a big number of readers.

7. Link from Old Posts

If you are making good posts and optimizing them as well then your old post will have been getting the big traffic. You can link your new posts with a proper anchor text in your old posts. If it a simple and great way to get traffic for your new posts.
If you the first and easy thing to do in getting the fist comment then it is the best approach. It will also be considered a track bank as a comment. It is common that most people would like to comment if they see any existing comment.

8. Link from Other Sites

Someones own multiple blogs, new and old. They actually interlink the posts of a new blog with old ones. It is nice to get instant traffic and backlink.

9. Submission to Article Directories

The article directories are considered great in SEO. You can submit your content to some great sites to get both traffic and backlink.

10. Reply to First Comment

The first comment is very important always, so do not forget to answer it. It also encourages others to post share ideas in comments. It is same as getting free content.

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