Tips to Improve Blog Security Against Scam

Tips to Improve Blog Security Against Scam
Tips to Improve Blog Security Against Scam

Blogging is a long-time investment, a successful blog takes considerable time to rank up in the blogosphere. A small blog generally takes at least to two-three years to stand against popular blogs so besides its content, you have to consider its security also against hackers, scam and malicious scripting software. Once they succeed in their path the next moment will most worst to you.

A large number of blogs are hacked on daily basis, one of the best examples is, currently maintained by Amit Aggarwal, which was completely hacked by someone on July 2012 but due to habit to take a frequent backup of blog is only the reason that allows Amit to restore his blog again on the Internet.

Seriously, Blog Security is very important and the point below should be kept in mind.

Security Of Email Address

The email address that you used to login to your blog account should keep personal and not be disclosed on the Internet. A best practice says that this email should be static and to be used only for blogging purposes. For online forums, social networking and other stuff you have to use different email addresses. Your Contact page ( present on your blog ) should not contain your email address directly, build a contact form on the contact page.
First, Hackers find associated email addresses with your blog account if you kept your email address secure then, of course, they will fail in their first step.
Tips to Improve Blog Security Against Scam
Tips to Improve Blog Security Against Scam

Updation Of Login Information

Now you can understand the importance of address, if sometimes you feel that your address is so popular and you have disclosed it on many sites from a couple of years then we strangle appeal you to change your login information as soon as possible. Blogger team provides an alternate method to change login information read it from below.

Improve blog security by changing login information.

A Need Of Strong Password

Your password should be a perfect combination of alphabets, integers and special characters so that it could not be easily guessed. After retrieving your email address, only the password entity is required to break up your security so your password should be strong enough or it must be changed frequently after 5-6 months.

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