Interesting Facts About LiFi Technology

Interesting Facts About LiFi Technology
Interesting Facts About LiFi Technology
WiFi technology has developed a lot in the last few years and connected the entire world. But, the future of internet technology aka light fidelity technology has also been evolving which is aiming to elevate the internet user’s experience notches up. But, this technology is still a mystery for numerous users thus today we are going to unveil some of the unknown facts about LiFi.

Fact 1:

It will diminish the radio frequency jungle We might not see, but a web of radio waves present around us that transmit data from one device to another. There are approximate. million cellular radio masts worldwide, according to the founder of LiFi, Harald Haas. But, with the adoption of LiFi, this radio frequencies won’t be required as data will be transmitted using light which will transmit electronic signals.
As we all know that radio frequencies have few limitations like negative impacts on health. So, when easily available lighting sources will be used to transmit data, then all the limitations of WiFi will be eliminated along with some additional benefits like times faster speed.

Fact 2:

LiFi doesn’t require LED bulbs It has been proven that LED bulbs are not essential to implement the LiFi technology. To implement LiFi, just lighting source is required which is already present in your smartphone in the form of a flashlight. An experiment has been conducted by Apple where they tracked the geolocation of people present in a shopping mall using LiFi.
But, the operational area of LiFi is much bigger than tracking down geolocation. If LiFi is introduced in the already present billion light bulbs, then the internet network can be more solidified and improved. This is a vision of LiFi developer Haas to take internet technology to one level up.

Fact 3:

pureLiFi is a first LiFi product LiFi was introduced by Haas in TED Talk, but the first product of LiFi was introduced in named pureLiFi. pureLiFi has partnered with LED light maker Lucibel to develop the technology.
Moreover, a France based company has used LiFi along with the Internet of Things to create a communication-based tool and they have launched their first product in September.
If we talk about the very first users of this robust technology, then real estate company Nexity is the first front end users of LiFi. Microsoft is also planning to use this technology at its innovation center in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Fact 4:

LiFi can’t be hackedYes, it is one of those Internet technologies which cannot be hacked by anyone easily because light won’t transfer through walls. The operational area of LiFi is very small it’s roughly about meters so it is impossible to hack the security of this technology. That’s why it is a very good tool for military and defense forces to share sensitive information.
LiFi is truly a gem that is going to make our future internet activities more interesting. It is clear from the informational LiFi Facts that it is technology to change the perception of our lives in a good way.

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