Choosing An Optimal Domain Name For Your New Blog

Choosing An Optimal Domain Name For Your New Blog
Choosing An Optimal Domain Name For Your New Blog

Complete Keyword Based Domain Names

Here the domain name consists of the keywords that your site is targeting. Suppose my site is to download online videos then the domain should be The “-” between different keywords can join the keywords and would tell search engines that you are a site on those keywords. This helps your site/blog to appear on top of search engines for those words. But the would do good as commonly people won’t type – between.

Choosing An Optimal Domain Name For Your New Blog From Six Types Available

Keyword In The Domain Name

Here a part of your site’s targeted search keyword appears inside the domain name. Take for example, BloggingTips.Com where a blogging keyword is a part of the domain but it does sound good. No hyphens here. The most recommended one. Targeted keywords are the search words in search engines that correspond to your site’s content and purpose.

Dictionary Words

Choosing An Optimal Domain Name For Your New Blog

Suppose the word sacrifice is in the dictionary then you may have or to blog about sacrifice. This is good to have an impact on your readers and generally, all people who would search for sacrifice would most easily reach your blog. If people want to find regarding sacrifice his first choice is This is also quite recommended for words that have some good meaning & value. Or you may make it sacrifice dictionary word and another action word like info site etc. Also, no hyphens recommended as people in general avoid – when they visit websites.

Popular Names

Maybe celebrity names or other names of brands, companies, sports anything is made your blog’s domain but you would write about them only. For example for a Johny Depp fan website JohnyDeppBlog.Com or JohnyDepp.Com is a good one. In the sports category, if you want to have a blog on F-1 race then FormulaOne.Com is best but generally great domains are already taken.

Your Name

Quite recommended for your personal blog or general all category blog. Make your blog named as

Shortest Possible Domain

You can use random 3 characters or 2 chars with a number and your blog would be easily remembered by others. V7n.Com is a great website and forum. Please do not use all numbers in the 3 character domain.TNX.NET is a popular site. A hyphen between keywords in a domain may not sound good to people and where

According to the current trend take an attractive domain that consists of a part of your website’s functions/keywords and don’t make it long and your users should be able to remember the domain name to access by typing it. Also, many short domains like V7n.Com are preferred because users remember easily. And .com domains are most preferred and .info at second for blogs.

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